Laura Durlacher considers herself the president of the Jim Prewitt fan club. Learn more about her experience working with Prewitt Custom Homes:

“Knowing our criteria, our Realtor showed us a house by Prewitt Custom Homes under construction. We could see that it was a higher quality in every way than other homes we had seen, and it was evident that Jim Prewitt had a high standard for excellence. The home was his own personal design, and while it was not a large home, it had a fantastic use of space and the kitchen was beautifully and functionally designed. We began working with Jim while there was still an opportunity to select finishes and make final interior design decisions and we found him to be super to work with. He was extremely proactive, had amazing attention to detail, and was always quick to respond to our needs. When we closed on the house, he provided us with a binder filled with helpful contact information and details such as product warranties and paint samples. Our Realtor told us that she had never worked with such a great builder, and our home inspector shared with us that in his 30 years of experience that he had never seen such a well constructed house. I consider myself the president of the Jim Prewitt fan club and have already referred him to others!”

Our attention to detail makes every home special and distinctive. When you are ready for the perfect home for your family, contact us at 919-669-1969.