Jim Prewitt built a home for Mary Tucci that was exactly what she and her husband wanted. Learn more about her experience:

“We fell in love with a Prewitt Custom Home that was already completed and under contract in Averette Ridge. It was a beautiful home, and after discussing our specific needs with Jim Prewitt, we determined that we wanted to work with him. Jim found a homesite that met our requirements, and he custom built a home for us that was exactly what we wanted. We are retired and wanted our home to be a place we could live in for many years as we want to be able to stay in our home for many years to come. Anything we asked for, he would tackle for us with no problem. Everything turned out beautifully and my husband and I are very happy. Jim is a nice and kind person to deal with and we feel like he is friend. We really appreciate everything he did for us. Go see Jim Prewitt’s homes!” 

Attention to detail makes every Prewitt Custom Home special and distinctive. When you are ready for the perfect home for your family, contact us at 919-669-1969.